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Pineapple Attrezzo addominali - B008OVJJ7M

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  • Codice Prodotto: B008OVJJ7M
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile

  • Pineapple Women's Duo Exercise Wheel

  • The Pineapple duo exercise wheel is an ideal piece of equipment for those who want to focus their workout on the upper body and torso. This easy-to-use device will also help develop muscles in the lower back and legs, and the comfortable and secure grip on the handles will keep you stable throughout each repetition. The double wheel delivers smooth performance and grips the floor well to reduce the chances of slipping. The wheel is lightweight and compact, and you can alter the intensity of each workout by doing different exercises in varying positions.

    Pineapple Attrezzo addominali - B008OVJJ7M

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